Region 8 Articulation Officer Meeting with CSU, UC, and CCC

This wasn’t exactly a “networking event”, but when the room’s filled with Masters degree-d administrators, it was a privilege for me to be there =)

Articulation officers are the reason why we can apply the courses we took at one school to another school’s requirements. They are the embodiment of student-centered administration, and underappreciated.

As counselors in “co-misery” they have a strong support network among themselves, making them wonderful people to ask for advice =)

When I came to their meeting in February, the transfer center advisors had a flurry of ideas that needed to be heard outside that room. Today in April, it was satisfying to see their suggestions come full circle with an administrator from the CSU Chancellor’s Office, Karen Simpson-Alisca.

With the CTE and STEM movements gaining momentum, I wouldn’t be surprised to see AOs and TCAs mediating the process.

► Meet people. Anything else just isn’t the same.

P.S. Look how crazy my notes got! Found a way to re-write them w/o going nuts [blurred for confidentiality]